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Through modern science and technology, doctors are able to treat cancer more effectively than ever before. When it comes to successful treatment, the biggest asset possible is early detection. Similarly, a misdiagnosis can delay treatment with catastrophic results.

Cancer is not always immediately obvious and its symptoms can mimic other illnesses. A doctor must be thorough in his or her examinations, making good use of tests and a patient’s medical and family histories to arrive at the right diagnosis. If a doctor is careless—neglecting to order proper tests, examine all possible causes of symptoms, or follow up with patients after their appointment—cancer can be mistaken for something else or missed altogether. When the cancer is finally detected, it may be far more advanced that it was during your initial exam, necessitating more radical treatments such as chemotherapy, full mastectomies, or limb amputations. In some tragic cases, by the time cancer is detected, it is past the point where anything can be done.

If you have suffered or lost a loved one due to cancer misdiagnosis, and you suspect that the cause may be medical malpractice, contact a Bakersfield medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

A Bakersfield Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Assist You

Our Bakersfield medical malpractice attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout Bakersfield and surrounding counties. We specialize in medical malpractice claims, including cases of cancer misdiagnosis caused by:

Our attorneys understand the difficult time that you and your family are going through, and treat each case with special attention and care while aggressively fighting for the maximum compensation possible on your behalf. This compensation can lift the stress of medical bills, ongoing care, rehabilitation, prosthetics, funeral expenses, and any other unexpected costs, plus pain and suffering for your traumatic experience.

Cancer misdiagnosis is a terrible thing. If it happens to you, don’t hesitate to hold the guilty parties accountable. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Bakersfield medical malpractice attorney today.