Failure to Diagnose

The course of treatment for any illness depends heavily on how far the disease has progressed before it was diagnosed. The misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or failure to diagnose an illness is a form of medical malpractice that can critically affect the outlook and effectiveness of treatment. Many diseases like cancer can progress and spread quickly if not kept in check and treated as soon as possible. Failure to diagnose an illness in a timely manner can allow that illness to progress to the point where nothing can be done, effectively robbing you of the chance to properly fight back.

If you have suffered or lost a loved one because of a doctor’s failure to diagnose a critical illness, you have the right to hold that doctor accountable for his or her negligent actions. Contact a Bakersfield medical malpractice attorney to discuss the possibility of financial compensation for your experience.

A Bakersfield Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Our Bakersfield medical malpractice attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout Bakersfield and surrounding counties. We specialize in medical malpractice claims, including failure to diagnose cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or other serious conditions. We are not afraid to take on even the largest hospitals and insurance companies to make sure our clients receive the maximum compensation possible, to alleviate the stress of hospital bills, ongoing care, funeral expenses, or other unexpected costs from this disastrous experience.

When a doctor’s mistakes cost you dearly, you have the right to seek justice. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Bakersfield medical malpractice attorney today.