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Cerebral palsy is a complex condition affecting coordination and motor skills. It can take several different forms, from muscle spasms to stiffness to low muscle tone. The spectrum of cerebral palsy ranges drastically. Some children merely appear awkward and uncoordinated, but can lead normal lives, while those with severe cerebral palsy may be confined to a wheelchair and unable to talk or eat unassisted. Especially severe cases can include mental disabilities, but most children with cerebral palsy develop mentally at an average pace—meaning that they are otherwise normal children trapped in bodies they cannot control.

There is no single cause of cerebral palsy. It can appear as the result of fetal exposure to toxins, or as a complication of a premature birth. It can also be caused by an injury or oxygen deprivation during the birth process. When this happens because of a doctor or hospital staff’s carelessness, it is truly unacceptable. If this happened to your child, contact a Bakersfield medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

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Our Bakersfield medical malpractice attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of clients throughout Bakersfield and surrounding counties. We specialize in medical malpractice claims, including cases of cerebral palsy caused by:

Our attorneys understand the pain and stress that you and your family are going through, and treat all of our clients with care and a personal touch, while aggressively pursuing the maximum compensation possible. This compensation can help with not only past hospital bills, but with a lifetime of future medical care and physical therapy so that your child can reach his or her full potential.

If your child suffers from cerebral palsy due to a doctor’s careless mistakes, don’t be afraid to fight for the compensation your family deserves. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Bakersfield medical malpractice attorney today.